If you ever happen to catch me on my lunch break, besides munching on some tasty sourdough pretzels, you will most likely find me laboring to get to whatever the RSS equivalent of “Inbox Zero” is on this ever-expanding feed of mine. I, of course, have an elaborate system for how I make my way through the many blogs, tech journals and “what’s new” sites that I like to keep up on.

About nine years ago when I still lived in Ohio, two of my good friends at the time just so happened to be from Missouri and Kansas. It’s kind of a long story how they got there, but it could be said that they found a lot of our local idiosyncrasies hilarious. One day they decided to compile a fairly smarting list of these quirky traits and emailed it to all of their Ohio friends for a good laugh (it was 2003, we emailed a lot back then). They wrote it all under the moniker “The MO-KAN Connection”.