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listenin’ to: mae - destination beautiful [new t&n signee]

eatin’: choc. chip cookie dough ice cream and a slightly smaller glass o’ milk

sometimes i feel as if my life is like a broken record [or for those of you youngsters who aren’t old enough to know what a record is just think of a cd stuck on repeat]…every few months the record skips back to where it was before and i relive the same things over again…never changing or advancing…i feel like i’ve been stuck in this same spot for several years now…at this point, my life is a continuation of several different cycles…will it ever end? will i ever see a change of scenery beyond my front door? and the most important question of all: 33 or 45 rpm?

tonite i went to my good bud aaron’s house after class and was entertained by the glowing box yet again…this time we watched american idol…modern tv programming is quite amusing…if you think about it…it’s basically just middle class americans paying upper class americans to thoroughly exploit and make fun of them…it’s quite hilarious…we then watched my taped episode of smallville [which i took a sneak peek of last nite]…and i am quite amazed with where the show is going…although it took much coaxing to get aaron to agree with my point of view…you see, sometimes it’s hard for him to realize that we do not have control of the show’s outcome WHATSOEVER…although i do agree it is fun to believe that the emotional up’s and down’s we experience while watching the show do affect it’s plotline in some form or fashion…

the current rotation of my compact disc player:

the doves - last broadcast

beck - sea change

ben folds - rockin’ the suburbs

coldplay - live, rare and unreleased

sum 41 - does this look infected?

######Note: This post is from a very old Xanga blog of mine. A very, very old blog. In fact, it’s practically a museum. Be sure not to touch any old references or links. You won’t break them, they are most certainly already broken.

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