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i fell asleep to “breakfast at tiffany’s” (the movie not the song…i was entertaining my mild obsession w/ audrey hepburn…) w/ the fan on high yesterday afternoon…and couldn’t get cool even w/ my a/c on full blast today on my trek to cleveland…summer is here…and in full force…and now nothing will quell my glee for the many wonderful things to come…

i haven’t posted for close to 2 weeks…my deepest apologies to the -3 people that read my journal…i was left in a mind-dulling stupor all week as my family was on vacation and i was left at home to fend for myself…with an iron in my right hand and a bottle of pinesol in my left, i waged many a battle against wrinkly jeans and dried cat puke…you will all be happy to know that i wound up victorious in the end and earned a hearty pat on the back from both my mom and pops…jolly good…

this week i am attempting to conquer the endless struggle known as writer’s block…i am taking a stand…i will be picking up my guitar and sitting down at my piano alot more often all while trying to think of masterful words and melodies to accompany them…my only foe being myself and the necessary evil with which i am typing this unimaginable entry…

who or what is “poindexter” and how did i get this word stuck in my head??

capitol g: t or d?

######Note: This post is from a very old Xanga blog of mine. A very, very old blog. In fact, it’s practically a museum. Be sure not to touch any old references or links. You won’t break them, they are most certainly already broken.

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