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so i broke my once a week post regime already…i wanted to put up a new picture (me on a motorcyle…yeah i’m too kool) and share my thoughts on a few things…

first off…what’s all this hub-ub about the recording industry filing lawsuits against people who share music online? everybody knows they’ll never stop music piracy…especially not by suing 261 people…“good job guys, only another couple hundred million and we got ‘em all!”…now i myself would probably be considered by most a music pirate…a swash bucklin’ buccaneer of the informational super-sea, if you will…now, while i’d like to say i do this because i’m out to be a rebel and screw the industry over, that’s really not the case…i’m just cheap…i don’t feel like going out and buying every album that interests me and frankly i dont’ want to pay for them either…i have begun buying the albums of artists i thoroughly support (relient k, switchfoot, shaun groves, passion, etc.) now that i have a decent job and can afford them…but i still download a few albums every week and will probably continue to do so simply because i can…now go fetch me some loot ye scurvy dogs!

on to other music news…madonna kissed britney spears…i find it funny that she also kissed christina aguilera but nobody gives a flying flip about her…good stuff…now everyone’s saying that madonna scolded britney because she smokes…yeah britney spears smokes now…what a bad girl…kissing girls…smoking…she’s really being too obvious that she’s trying to ditch her squeaky clean image…she claims that “she only smokes because she likes the way it makes her voice sound”…yeah well here’s some news for yah britney…your voice still sucks and no matter how many cigarettes you smoke or girls you kiss you’re still gonna be BRITNEY SPEARS…you sang songs called “(hit me baby) one more time” and “oops i did it again”…you’re never going to live that down…so please quit trying…

wow…i’ve never really voiced my opinion on current events all that much before on here…but i’ve been reading about this crap all too much in the newspapers and i’ve felt the need to rant about it…

man, look at me on that motorcyle…what a bad dude…

######Note: This post is from a very old Xanga blog of mine. A very, very old blog. In fact, it’s practically a museum. Be sure not to touch any old references or links. You won’t break them, they are most certainly already broken.

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