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could this day go any slower?

just got done in a meeting bout my work paying for my schooling…they are gonna pay for 50%…i still need to decide if i’m gonna take the one class i’m going to sign up for…i did decide i will be taking no more than that one class…this semester has proved to be way to much for me…only 3 more weeks of classes left though! any of you in school know that it’s a bittersweet feeling when you near the end of the semester…the sweet: the end is near and school will be over for about a month, the bitter: the proverbial crap is hitting the fan…all the procrastinating you did in the semester is now catching up to you and you only have a limited time to get your butt in gear…time to switch it into overdrive…

this weekend was a particularly fun weekend because it just so happened that the date of my birth occurred on saturday…how exciting…to celebrate i ran away…well not really but kinda i guess…me and a select grouping of my friends (troy, christin, ang) went down to the fair metropolis of cincinnati…we had heard that it was heaven on earth but our hopes were quickly dashed when we found out that jerry springer was once the mayor…yikes…i went to visit w/ all my friends that have moved down there over the past year…we stayed w/ aaron, chad and alan and it was great to catch up w/ them…sat. nite i hung out w/ my good pal dave and got to explore the 19th century cathedral he calls his home…what great fun that was…we also climbed to the greatest heights cincinnati has to offer, mt. adams, which overlooks the downtown area/river/etc…it filled us w/ greay joy and much amazement…we checked out their church down there on sunday morning and then took off in the afternoon…thanks to all the people who made my birthday extra special…you’re the best…no thanks to those who really could have made it nasty but just couldn’t seem to shake me…why? cuz i have some of the koolest friends in the world…that’s why…and because i have a remarkably high tolerance for people who just can’t match up to my koolness…

so there you have it…my first entry in a long time…i was just waiting for people to nag me to post one before i would do it…it just makes me feel wanted what can i say?

guess i’ll talk to yah in a few weeks then…

over and out xingin’ xang-ers…

p.s.- i gave props to alot of people’s sites in this entry so go out and visit their sites and leave comments (especially troy…he’s new)…

######Note: This post is from a very old Xanga blog of mine. A very, very old blog. In fact, it’s practically a museum. Be sure not to touch any old references or links. You won’t break them, they are most certainly already broken.

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