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i’ve had a relaxing day today…

relaxing first of all because i didn’t have to work…i didn’t get paid for not working…but sleeping in today was definitely worth it’s weight in gold…tonite i went to a relaxing concert…i just sat back and took it all in…and i enjoyed it…i caught bebo norman’s show and the thing with seeing him is for some reason he always inspires me to want to pack up my things and move down to the ol’ south…wielding only my acoustic (and maybe the occasional dobro) and the will to live life more simply…that just seems to be the vibe he puts out with his music and his slight southern drawl…that he’s just a simple man…writing songs and experiencing God…and that’s all there is to it…so if you don’t hear from me again…check the nether reaches of the georgia wilderness…cuz that’s where i’ll be…sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of my log cabin watchin’ the fog roll in and the stars come down …ahhh the good life…

well in spite of all the ranting i did on here previously about my battle of going back to school or not this semester and then my subsequent decision to not go i ended up deciding to take one class this semester…i’m quite bummed about not getting the time off which i said i was going to use wisely to start writing/recording more music, designing websites on the side, start discipling someone, etc…the truth is i probably would have just slacked off and screwed around writing worthless xanga entries or something as horribly unprofitable as that…i also would have probably never went back to school next year like i planned because of the great joy i would have experienced from going without it for the first time in my life…but anways i decided to go back because of my parents deep longing for me to continue in the ways of higher education and my work is also helping me in the financial department…it’s also gonna be a pretty decent class because i will use a great deal of what i learn at my job…it’s so much better to actually have a job in your field and then go to school because then you know what you will actually use at work…you can then handily discard the other useless info and assignments and put the professor in his place…i recommend everyone should try it in the same manner as i have…

so this week i have officially decided that i will be going w/ a group of kids from six:forty on a missions trip to albania this spring…we’re leaving march 31st and will be gone for around 8-9 days…it’s gonna be a pretty kool trip…a lil crazy as well because we’re gonna actually be living in some albanian people’s homes, eating their food, sleeping in their beds, killing their political leaders and other things of that sort…i’m getting pumped for what God’s gonna do in me most of all…my “american bubble” has been shattered as of late and i’ve really come to realize that this world is so much bigger than the borders of this country and it’s God’s will that every human would come into a relationship with him…not just americans…i am also remaining open to the possibility of staying there more permanently as that is the reason for the trip…to see if God would have that for us…i pray that God will break my heart for those people and constantly remind me that i, even i, can make a dent in the world if i just get out of the way…

“fight the good fight…maintain the trend…just look me in the eyes and tell me the world’s not gonna end…”

######Note: This post is from a very old Xanga blog of mine. A very, very old blog. In fact, it’s practically a museum. Be sure not to touch any old references or links. You won’t break them, they are most certainly already broken.

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