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and now back by popular demand...more wise words from "boy meets world":

 Eric: You're not fat. You're hott. I only said you were fat so you would give me your pizza            --Boy Meets World—

Cory: I accidentally kissed Missy Robinson.

Topanga: How do you accidentally kiss someone? Did she slip on a rug and your lips break her fall?

-Boy Meets World


Shawn: What are you and Topanga doing this weekend?

Cory: Shawn, she’s moving.

Shawn: Yes, but if TV is real then she won’t leave; the girl never leaves.

Cory: So you’re saying that if we’re really meant to be together then she won’t leave?

Shawn: If TV is really the true mirror of our lives.

Cory: What about the doctor on ER…he really left.</P>

Shawn: ER is real.
-Boy Meets World</SPAN></FONT>





--- ######*Note: This post is from a very old Xanga blog of mine. A very, very old blog. In fact, it's practically a museum. Be sure not to touch any old references or links. You won't break them, they are most certainly already broken.*

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