Before I [re]kick this thing back off, a few orders of business:

  • First off, this hummingbird theme is a template. An original one should be coming shortly. But I do enjoy it’s spring-y flavor in the meantime.
  • I’m not an everyday poster. However, I did pay some money for this so I’m hoping that encourages me to post what I will now refer to as “frequently”.
  • The goal of this site is to inject some creativity back into my daily routine. I’ve lacked a creative outlet for several months now and I feel it’s negatively affecting my q of l. That would be my quality of life, FYI. LOL BRB
  • My other goal in this is to begin being more honest with myself (and others) about myself. My previous b-log lacked a lot of my truest feelings due to what I perceived the reactions of the people reading it would be. In two years time I’ve learned to not care as much about those reactions.

In addition, I’m also keenly aware that there’s a high probability that I will be the only one reading this anyways.

So there’s that.

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