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Booyah…And I’m back.

So between work, general indifference to blogging and a 10 day break from all things normal (aka vacation), I haven’t had two minutes to rub together to update this page. But alas, no time for excuses, I’m a busy guy.

Here’s a funny story or two to kick things off:

  1. On Sunday I bought a bicycle. I’d like to say that I bought it for environmentally conscious reasons. I really just bought it because I want to ride on some trails and get a lil exercise. Although, gas prices did factor in somewhat. I used my upcoming economic stimulus check as an incentive to buy a nicer bike than I probably would have bought under normal conditions.

    We then thought about the irony of the situation: gas prices are high so we’re buying bicycles. We’re buying them with money that we received from an economic stimulus check. We’re getting a stimulus check because our economy is tanking. Our economy is tanking partly because of higher fuel costs (or vice versa). So although we thanked George Bush for our new bicycles we also had to say no thanks to him because he very well could be behind our economy going belly up. So [no] thank you, G-dub.

  2. About a month ago I downloaded the new Death Cab For Cutie album, “Narrow Stairs”, (whether legally or illegally, I cannot tell). Upon listening to the album once through I instantly hated it. I despised everything about it. Death Cab established themselves as an indie-pop band with their last album, so give us a g-d indie-pop album. I don’t want any of this “we made millions off our last album, now let’s get creative on our next” baloney. No, stick to what you do best, that being Ben Gibbard singing about unrequited love in a too-high-pitched of-a-voice over catchy melodies. That’s what we buy (or not buy) your albums for. Instead I downloaded an album of what sounded like a wanna-be noise band with ol’ Benny boy singing anti-falsetto. I proceeded to tell all my friends how horrible this evil new Death Cab album was.

    Today I found out that I had been listening to a fake album for the past month. That’s right, a fake. Apparently the seemingly reputable site I downloaded said album from was duped as well. What I was really listening to was some Swedish band or something that some guy thought sounded like Ben Gibbard singing and so he packaged it up as the new death cab album. Pretty funny when it’s all said and done. Mostly funny because I was thoroughly convinced that Death Cab totally blew now and had very nearly turned my back on them.

    I downloaded the real album just a few minutes ago. I’m not totally convinced I would have liked it had I listened to it with virgin ears (a 4-1/2 minute intro? I mean, really??) but you can bet it’s a heckuva lot better than the Swedish version.

That is all the blogging I can muster for this evening. I hope to touch on a few things of the serious sort that I’ve been ruminating over recently very soon.

I’m sure you can hardly wait.

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