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A bigger blog will be shortly coming. I’ve got to at least get one a month to justify having this site. You may be thinking: that doesn’t justify you having this site. And you’d also be correct. But still, I continue to humor myself.

This past weekend I humored myself by flying out to the Pacific Northwest to visit a few good old friends. It was short but most infinitely sweet. I had a blast and a half to say the least and a full two blasts to say the most.

Instead of recounting my entire trip via words and clever phrases I am uploading a gaggle of photos that I snapped with my camera-equipped phone. Most of them didn’t turn out half-bad. The rest turned out full on bad, but again, I continue to humor myself by posting them anyways. These pics can be found safely tucked within the cleverly titled “photos” page.

Lastly, I cheated once again and did not design the layout to this site. But it looks darn cool doesn’t it?

######Note: This was originally posted on an old Squarespace blog of mine. Most of the references, links and jokes are probably dead.

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