So, while I’ve had a blog post idea in my head for running on 3 months now, the urge to sit down and actually write it out just hasn’t been able to crack my air-tight schedule these last few months. I’m sad that this blog has gone by the wayside, but working 55-hour weeks at my new job, spending time w/ my girlfriend, flying home to Ohio for holidays, and working on the project that is the subject of this post has taken up the lion’s share of my time recently.

The aforementioned project, Ugly Christmas Sweater, consists of a few traditional & original Christmas songs that my roommate, Diego Chi, myself and two of our friends (Cayla Waller & Rachel Devilbiss) put together in the weeks before Christmas. It was a blast to write and record music again, especially apart of a group. I hope to do much more of it in the future.

I hope you enjoy, and that you and yours had yourself a merry, little Christmas!

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