In the interest of promoting beautiful music, I’m going to spread the reach of my previous post a little wider. Instead of just friends, I’m including a few loose acquaintances as well:

  • Perhapsy - I just started listening to this today and am a big fan already. Relation: I spent a few weeks on the road with Derek while he was with the Winston Jazz Routine and I with State Bird.
  • Aaron Roche - I’m amazed at the honest and gentle music Aaron continues to make. He’s a rare find. Relation: I once spent the night at his house in Nashville while on tour. He and his wife were most hospitable.
  • Brian Militana/Fell Trees - Spellbinding. Breathtaking. This album continues to haunt me. Relation: Played on the same bill at a show in Nashville. That night, Derek nailed it when he asked: “Is this what it [felt] like to see Johnny Cash for the first time?”
  • The Non - I have pimped these guys non-stop (heh!) ever since I first heard them. Relation: Played a show together with them in their hometown of Oklahoma City.

In response to this cascade of inspiration, I began digging out my recording gear from it’s winter hibernation this past weekend. One of the main reasons for getting my own place was so that i could dedicate more time to writing and recording. I’m 1/6th of the way through 2009 and I have nothing to show for it so far. This is not good progress. I hope to make up for it in the month of march.

I’m even thinking about cancelling my cable. Now that’s dedication.

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