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I’ve officially converted.

Last week I became the proud owner of a 24” iMac. This screen is larger than life, friends. I don’t even know how I’ll begin to find things to fill up it’s 2,304,000 pixels of glorious color.

I’ve got a few ideas, though.

I know I’m several years behind in the Mac fad. I’ve historically lagged behind the trends. I got a Super Nintendo when Nintendo 64 came out, for instance. I didn’t get an iPod until 2006 (yes, that is in the current century). And I still don’t have an iPhone. Get with the program, eh? Well, my contract is up next year.

One Apple at a time, folks. One at a time.

I’m 27 years old…And I am now a Mac.

######Note: This was originally posted on an old Squarespace blog of mine. Most of the references, links and jokes are probably dead.

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